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Creative Builders Inc.

We are your one stop shop for home improvement and maintenance needs. Whether you need a picture hung on the wall, or the wall built to hang it on, or a whole new addition to put the wall in, we are the only call you need to make. Creative Builders Inc., is skilled and handy and believes in getting the job done right and on time.

We have been your premium contractor since 1989 in Delano, Minnesota, and surrounding area. We offer competitive rates and provide guarantees on our work so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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Helping you with household dreams

Creative Builders Inc, located in Delano, Minnesota, is a locally owned and operated business with years of experience. We’re here to assist you in making your dreams come true. All Creative Builders Inc. employees are skilled builders that are committed in their desire to meet and exceed your expectations.

We take the same care for your home improvement and maintenance that we would as if it were our own. It is our goal to provide you with top notch craftsmanship at a fair and competitive price.

Our hope is to be the only one on your call list for your home maintenance and improvement needs.

Our Services

We’ll do it all

From kitchen repairs to bathroom remodeling, from your extra bedrooms to your offices and storefronts, Creative Builders Inc. is your one-stop resource for all the projects you have cluttering on your to-do list. You’ll never need to call another repairman or contractor.

Simplify the way you do property maintenance and home improvement by giving us a call the next time you have something to get done.

We’ll take it from there, and we guarantee you’ll love
the finished results.

Following is a partial list of our services:

• Bathroom renovations
• Kitchen Remodeling
• Drywall
• Cleaning
• Extensions/Additions

• Outdoor Decks
• Stairs
• Painting / Interior or Exterior
• Tiling

• Installing Fixtures
• Moulding and Trimming
• Windows
• Doors

Quality work at a fair price

Whether you're looking to make some upgrades, additions to your home or you've accumulated a list of small repair projects, Creative Builders Inc. can help. We’re committed to handling every job with complete dedication and an eye for quality. We believe in giving our customers the best value possible.

So, not only will you get top-notch materials and workmanship, you'll also find that our prices are extremely competitive. We're proud of our work, and we guarantee it.

Call Creative Builders Inc for all your home improvement and maintenance needs.

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